Basic Module


Small cottage:  2 bed (+1) electricity, open fire, kitchen, summer water, summer shower, dry toilet, Flat TV + DVD, Internet as needed, view to the sandy beach on the river

Free use of sauna

Fishing card included

€290.-/week (7 nights)


Optional with breakfast bookable: €10/pP/day


From September to February  the wonderful northern lights are dancing along the sky! An experience that you´ll never forget! There is no guarantee for seeing them, but the probability that you see them at a two weeks stay is quiet high!

In summer we have the magnificent midnight sun! That means you have a sunset which is lasting for hours, but the sun never sets. Even at night you can enjoy  the sun, but it is not as warm as at daytime. Many Swedes turn the night into day and benefit from the silent night hours for fishing or comfortable get-together with a campfire. You sleep, when you are tired!


Transportation airport  Luleå: transportation from and to airport: €130.- (1-3 persons)

Sport modules

We offer a variety of different sport modules where each module has a different focus.

You can find the exact description under sport modules. 

We make modules at costumers options as well and offer you a customized sport package.


We offer different tours that will be described shortly beneath. Please note that that this site is still under construction and the full descriptions are only available in German under Goldfieber and Visit Norway  . 

Goldwaschen im Norden von Schweden


Trip to gold panner town in the highest North of Sweden

  • Introduction from professionals, to pann gold on your own (you´ll always find gold!), as a souvenir you´ll get a glas with 5 little pieces of gold
  • Lunch with reindeer pita in Goldpanning Pub
  • Visitation of the museum of mineralogy
  • Salmon fishing
  • Tour to Husky farm      in Finland (+1 day)  // price: from €390.-/pP (incl. transfer, guidance, lunch und accomodation)
Schlittenhundetour in Schweden, Polarkreis

Dog sled tour

Trip with the dog sled through the wonderful nature of Lapland with Greenlanddogs 


Individual day trips and routes 


Price: from €150 pp ; tour small (20km), Group from 2-4 adults on a guided sled 

Saison is from November till the beginning of April, dependent on the snow!

Survival Skills

Felle gerben, Survival skills erlernen

Living like a trapper

  • learn about survival skills 
  • trips to the Nature Reservate: read tracks of the animals 
  • Fishing on the on-site beach  
  • on request, overnight-stay in the tent in the wilderness

price: 100€pp


Business trips

Firmenreise nach Schweden, Lappland an der Polarkreis


Business Module

We would love to prepare personalized package for your business journey!


Applications please by mail:

Youth camps

Jugendcamps am Polarkreis, Sozialpädagogik Camps, Konfrontative Pädagogik

Teenagers Module

  • Impuls control training
  • Fit with sports
  • Obstacle course on on-site parcours route
  • Swimming, Kayak driving,
  • Hiking
  • Arch shooting 
  • Conversation interventions
  • Social pedagogic intensive day care possible
  • Documentation system

Mentoring through graduate pedagogues!  


Price on request, depends on the care !