Welcome to North Core Adventure!

Vacation at the Arctic Circle

In the North of Sweden, life seems to be different. No big cities, no neighbors, no stress, only fresh air, nature and wilderness wherever you look.

Not surprising that we exchanged our hectic city life with this paradise! 

Now we want to share a bit of our paradise with you and offer you a variety of activities to have fantastic holidays here.


What we offer you:

  • Dog sled tours
  • Fjäll hiking
  • Fishing
  • Survival skills courses
  • Snow mobile & ATV tours
  • Gold panning
  • Tours to Norway and Finland
  • Our guests can also book one of our sport modules to keep their body fit and healthy



If you just want to relax and search  for silence you will find the perfect place here.

For accommodation  we offer two summer cottages and one big house. You can book them also without any of our additional offers.

Enjoy the nature and silence of Lapland with a wonderful view on the river, where you can swim in summer and go ice-fishing in winter.


Snow mobile tour to trapper cabin
Snow mobile tour to trapper cabin
Boat trip on the Luleå river
Boat trip on the Luleå river

Social pedagogic youthcamps

We love to work with children and teenagers and so we want to continue working with them here in Sweden.

Therefore we developed a concept for teenagers to show them a different way of living and to keep them away from the temptations of a city or wrong friends. On a residence at the Arctic Circle the teenagers get to know a totally different world and also new sides of themselves. 

With methods from the confrontative pedagogic and experience pedagogic, we set new inputs to the teenagers that show them new action- and resolution methods.

This offer belongs to private people as well as to shared houses from the youth welfare service that want to give teenager a chance to come to Sweden and get to know the country, culture and way of living.

Business trips

We also work together with companies and prepare a customized package for a business travel in a different way.

What would you think about preparing your new leaders for the challenging work life with a survival trip into the wilderness of Lapland?

For existing teams the journey to a new environment is an alternative to workaday. A corporate journey with diverse activities for team building let the employees find a common way and the team structure can be consolidated again. 

Our mission

Supreme principle for us is to balance body and soul, optimize team building structures and stimulate personal development.

The stay in Lapland should be an unforgettable experience for you and we do everything to satisfy our guests.

Trip to North Cape
Trip to North Cape
Enjoy nature
Enjoy nature
Sled dog tours
Sled dog tours

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