Basic Module

House next to the river

90€/night (summer season June - September); 500€/week; 900€/2 weeks

100€/night (Sept - Nov. & March - May); 550€/week; 950€/2 weeks

105€/night (Dec. - Feb.); 600€/week; 1000€/2 weeks


      Sport Packages:

     Balance Module

1 unit: 50 min

costs: €210/5 days/2 training units per day

Individual day offers


Back Gymnastics Module

1 unit: 50 min

costs: €210/5 days/2 training units per day  

individual day offers


Martial Arts Module

costs: €210/5 days/2 training units per day


Combinated Modules

 for example: Module Balance + Back: €395.-/5 days


      Living like a trapper:  price: 100€


Dog sled tour: price from €180.-/pp (minst. 2 person on a guided sled; tour is 20km)


updatet Feb 2024